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About the Gala


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HMS Gala Event

This event was conceived in the minds of myself and Courtney Hurd from HMS. Courtney is from this area, and wants to help me raise the public awareness of bone marrow donation issue.

The Event

The event will take place in September of 2002, and if successfull, will be the start of an annual affair. We will have celebrity memorabilia for auction, and an upscale dinner based on the town festivals across America. Our theme is to celebrate America, and we are obtaining recipes from small towns across America. We hope to have honorary bone marrow donors and recipients as guests. Our celebrity guests will include Coach Beamer of Virginia Tech and Brian Whitsell of The Jeff Gordon Racing Team.

Our History

This event is a spinoff from an event we planned last year. We had autographed memorabilia and had planned a silent auction. We did this in conjunction with a dinner and simulated horse racing. This year we plan to focus on NASCAR, bone marrow donors and transplant recipients.