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Blacksburg Area Volunteers Against Leukemia


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Becoming a Member

We are always looking for people interested in joining BAVAL.

Benefits of Joining

We are a new organization. We have little support. There isn't any glory and it has been difficult. But I've met people. People who have received a bone marrow transplant, people in remission and people whose odds approach nearly 100% for survival. This all happens because of research and people doing things like we do. When you meet someone who survives because of improved treatments and research, then that's all the benefit I need.

Who Can Join?

We have no set standards on who can help us. Anyone who desires to help, we will be able to find something for you to do

How Can You Join?

We have no dues, we have no application and we have no formal membership heirarchy. The only qualifications we ask for are responsibility and dependability, and most important, a sincere desire to make a difference in this struggle.