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Blacksburg Area Volunteers Against Leukemia


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Calendar of Events

Events we participate in do three things. 1) Raise money for research and patient programs. 2) Help to fund bone marrow drives to increase the voluntary bone marrow donor registry. 3) Raise awareness in The NRV of this disease and what can be done to fight it.

2001 events

April 11th-14th
Easter Egg Raffle. we raised $1300.00 which is fantastic and we would like to thank everyone for supporting us.

April 29th
Pizza Hut Fundraiser. We had a few volunteers come out and help us. we ended up raising $140.00

July 27th
Par Three Challenge. Blacksburg Municiple Golf Course. 8:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. We had 36 people participate. We gave away prizes retail value estimated at over $400 and made $110. We would like to thank Jeff at Municiple for all his help. Winning shot on the #3 hole was 21'4". Thank you to everyone who participated

2001 events

August 3rd and 4th - we were at Steppin' Out with some Team in Training members. We lost money on this event. I guess people just weren't buying at the fair this year. We had fun singing Jimmy buffet songs and hanging out. Hopefully we raised some public awareness....

August 14th - 1st annual Blacksburg Stakes at the Donaldson Brown Center. We raised $1200. The turnout was less than I would have liked. We did get some good press on this. People are starting to notice us, and take us seriously...

September 7th and 8th - We were at Valley View Mall for Health Team 10's Health fair. We were at the Leukemia booth and there was a mini-telethon with John Carlin, who wrapped himself in duct tape and had people stick money to him with the slogan "stick it to Leukemia". They raised over $3000 for patient programs and research.

September 13th: First annual BAVAL golf outing--details upcoming. Cancelled for this year. We weren't able to put the time in with other things going on...

September 20th: Light the Night walk. Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at Salem's Memorial Baseball Stadium. Our team, consisting of 9 members, raised, as of right now, over $1400.

October 24th- Informational meeting on the ins and outs of bone marrow donation. Steve Lovelace, The southwest virginia representative of The Bone Marrow Donor Center of the Virginias, guest speaking.

November 1st-Squires student center. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bone Marrow Drive/blood drive. Because of past events, we were able to type 72 donors at $73 a piece. We were also able to type unlimited minority donors from grants provided by the U.S. Navy. (If a nuclear submarine were to have a reactor accident, all the sailors on board would need emergency transplants.

2002 Events

March 23rd, 24th and 27th Easter Egg hunt.
We were able to raise $450
Click here for more details.

Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser

April 23rd Informational meeting with Steve Lovelace at The Blacksburg Red Cross location on Jackson Street.
April 24th Minority typing only Commonwealth Ballroom, Squires 12:00-6:00
April 25th All typing Commonwealth Ballroom, Squires 10:00-4:00

marrow drive information

HMS/ BAVAL Gala event at Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center, postponed till spring of 2003.

Gala information

August 2 and 3 - I wasn't going to do Steppin' Out this year, but I got a booth for Fran and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

September 29th- Leukemia fundraiser at Donaldson Brown Hotel

2002 Blacksburg Stakes

Light The Night October 3rd, Vinton Va.

Last years Light the Night Experience

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