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Baval newsletters


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November 2001 Newsletter:

November was the culmination of everything we have been doing since last March. It almost seemed such a let down,as through the year we relentlessly pursued funds and support, and the bone marrow drive itself went off quietly.
It was over all a successful year. We raised the amount of money we had set as a goal for typing people and found someone to match those funds. We typed 72 people paid for and our goal was 100. But there were problems with funds that we couldn't help. We raised far more public awareness then I would have expected. This we far out did what I would have believed possible. We helped out with The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraising. We spread the word about Team in Training and Light The Night. We participated in Light the Night and raised over $1400. We participated in The Societies annual Dress Down Day and tried to involve other organizations. We raised $300. We provided information to three different people on organiztions that would be able to help them financially. Overall, we raised almost $6000 and had matching funds for $3000.
On a sad note, the co-founder has decided not to participate this next year. He would like his name left off the website, so I won't mention it. Those of you who followed us know who he is. Without him there was no way we could have accomplished half of what we did. It will be hard to move forward without him. But 10,000 more people will die, before the year is up, of a blood related cancer. So continue forward we must.
Things we will be looking at this month: Making a connection with The Red Cross in the New River Valley, to make setting up drives easier. To make a connection with Hendrick's Motor Sports Marrow program to make it easier to deal with funds. Try to set up a drive before graduation, so that people who weren't able to get typed due to lack of funds may do so.
I would like to give special thanks to people who really came through for our drive. Hendick's motor sports, Christiansburg Rotary and Kim Hamney, Ray Nebel Professor in Poultry Science, and APO. I would like to thank everyone who got typed. And I would like to thank everyone who helped make it a success by donating time or money.

December 2001 Newsletter

December officially brings in the holidays. I know that there are a lot of things going on between thanksgiving and the turn of the New Year. I would like everyone to please remember that blood-related cancers don't let up during this time. That it must be especially hard for patients during this time.
This is the start of the fall season for The Southwest Virginia Team in Training for Spring. This seasons events will be the Helena, Montana Marathon and The Rock'n Roll Marathon in San Diego. Informational meetings have already started. If you would like further information, please email me or go to TNT on our links page.
We have also started the preliminary talks with getting set up for a bone marrow drive in April. We will be doing our Easter fundraiser for this year to help support that. For more information please go to our Links page and The Easter Egg Hunt/Raffle. Or you can email me. We will also be working with Mitzie and The Red Cross as well as The Red Cross club and APO. Further info on this drive and when and where it will be will be announced as we get things organized.
I have also started preliminary talks with HMS racing and trying to put together a big splash event here in SWVA. We are talking with The Hotel Roanoke this month and hopefully will be able to set something up with a NASCAR driver appearing. I'll let you know as things get further along.
I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holidays, and if you could, please remember my friend and Hiedi, a patient of lymphoma receiving a stem cell transplant, during this time, as things aren't going well for them.

Mike Arrington