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My Team in Training Experience

I didn't start with a training log, but I have begun and will list my entries here.


My 1st and foremost goal: finish!
My second goal: To remain faithful to my training to run the best race I can
My third goal: If possible, a 3.5 hour marathon

Will run my first race Nov. 23rd. Star city Half marathon. Goal pace will be 8:00 miles, or about 1:44:48. Place 79th. Time 1:44:55:10. Pleased with my result, being my first race, and having paced so close to my time.
Run Jingle bell 5K for arthritis Dec. 14th. Goal: 21 minutes
Placed 42 with a time of 21.52. Very cold and windy.
Run 5k with my sisters December 31st. Goal: depends on whether or not I run with my sisters.

First 4 month recap
I started running in the middle of May on a zero base after hearing of the death of my friend. I started at 1-2 miles and jumped ahead too fast almost dying at 4 miles. I started with mileage at 15 to 18 miles per week. and that lasted for 2 months except for a 9 mile run that was too soon and I had trouble recovering from. I built from there to my now 35 miles a week. I spent $141 on footwear, have experimented on what works best for long runs as far as nutrition, pace, clothing, and how to rehydrate and fuel while running. My long run is at 14 miles currently. From here I will give monthly updates here of my weekly training log.

Septmeber and October recap:
Came up with an injury in early September that set me back. Had the wrong running shoes and strained an Achille's tendon. Set me back a week. With rest, icing, stretching and supplements, I was soon back to my distance and have improved my pace. With so long to train, I plateau a lot. I have a long run now of 16 miles and will attempt 18 this week. I also am concentrating on getting faster. Caught a cold when the weather turned south, so I had to invest in some warmer running clothes. Another $130 investment. But I am in the best shape of my life, and my weight is where it was 20 years ago. Coupled with the sense of accomplishment I get each time I go a little farther and the whole experience is quite rewarding.
November recap:
November saw the weather getting colder. Had to buy all new clothes:$140. My shoes died. New shoes $103. after I spent $140 on 2 pair I didn't like too much. Running can be more expensive than you realize. It also saw my mileage climb into the 40's per week. I also started to hit my limits. Three times I went out to run my 20 without making it. Finally finished it yesterday. What a huge sense of relief that is. I also forget sometimes about rest. If your feeling fatigued, you are, so rest. Ran my first race and came in 79th. It was the Star City half marathon. There were 270 runners for the Half and plenty more for the 5K. I was at my goal of 8:00 miles. Lots of hills on the course. Had benn having knee problems, but bought a knee brace and it seemed to help.
December and January recap
The cold has arrived! with a vengeance! Coldest winter in years and I decide to train to run 26.2 miles through it. I ran around blacksburg (from the hospital, Down airport road to lane stadium to washington street to duckpond rd. to foxridge to krogers to terrace view, back road next to 460 by the speedway up there to north main above food lion, to patrick henry past the high school to roanoke street to main street to the library ot the huckleberry to warmhearth back to the hospital, my tour of blacksburg whic if you're interested is about 18 miles) in 14 degree temps and at least 25 mile winds. I was questioning my sanity. My gatorade froze! I have two weeks to go. My long run done just after christmas is 22.25. I've done three over twenty. I've been fighting through some knee and leg pain. Had a massage and it seems to be helping. My last long hard run was yesterday at 16. Now I just need to get there. "...For those who believe in the Lord can run and not get weary....)

Week of Jan. 20 - Feb. 2

3 mls @25 min. 5:30 pm
3 mil @ 27 minutes. bitterly cold! ran at 4:53 am before work. weights later in the day
4.5 miles @42 minutes at 4:45 am
long run 14 miles. struggled. run friday slowed me down. having pain all up and down my bright leg
3 mls ran last mile in 7:00. running faster keeps me less sore calves very tight weights
1 mile 9 minutes. body pump
1.5 miles 4:30 am. had to stop early to use the facilities. weights
6 miles 4:30 am @50 minutes. good pace. massage later to loosen up tight legs
6 miles, intervals on treadmill. painful early. weights
16 miles. 8:00 am @ 2:20 massage finally kicking in and everything felt good.
3miles on tread mill. interval. weights